BEATSAUDIO and Volkswagen Team Up

10/03/2016 17:23

BEATSAUDIO and Volkswagen Team Up

BEATSAUDIO and Volkswagen Team Up

The giants of the automotive and audio world have teamed up, and are set to ignite the small car segment with the new models of the up! and Polo both being defined largely by their audio capabilities.

Both new models of the cars feature a 300 watt sound system designed by audio pioneers Beats Audio as standard, and promise a refined, top of the range sonic experience. The up! and Polo are marketed on similar lifestyle values to the Beats brand, making the pair up a great choice. In order to provide the highest level of audio, the cars will be fitted with systems boasting seven high-end loudspeakers at key points around the interior to deliver the best sound possible. Two subwoofers will be in the front doors, and a subwoofer will be fitted into the spare wheel port, delivering earth shaking bass tones, so you can let the street rap along to Dre’s The Chronic.

Beyond the speakers, both the up! and Polo are packed with tech. The up! Beats features 15-inch “Radial” alloy wheels and special Beats design decals, and the Polo Beats comes with 16-inch “Syenit” allow wheels, coloured wing mirrors, and a glossy radiator grille that comes in black as standard. The Polo Beats’ interior will feature Beats designed seats and door panels, as well as coloured seatbelts.

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